There are many customers who get excited at the second wedding party as the region's first store

ALE HOUSE Kamiya, a dining bar in Umeda, has been selected as a place where craft beer from around the world can be enjoyed, and a gathering place for people with various needs, from beer lovers to wedding parties. In recent years, craft beer with various flavors has been attracting attention from a wide range of ages, and many women prefer craft beer because of its fruity taste. In order for everyone to enjoy the taste of beer, we have thoroughly smoky smoke so that people who are not good at smoking and can smoke without hesitation.
There are many dishes that go well with beer such as Yona Yona Ale and Heartland. The store's proud menu includes a special fried chicken that won the gold medal at the 8th Raise Grand Prix, so you can have a good time with the taste of the food and the throat of the sake. You can rent a store for a large number of people such as secondary parties and banquets. Since it is close to the station and is located in an easy-to-set location, if you are interested, please read the access information and make a reservation without hesitation.

The dining bar in Umeda is open 24/7.


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Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kita-ku Doyamacho 2-10 K1 Building B1F

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17:00 〜 5:00

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If you are looking for a dining bar around Umeda Station, please use ALE HOUSE Kamiya, a 5-minute walk from the station. Craft beers ordered from around the world and our deep-fried chicken are popular among customers. As it is ideal as a place for girls-only gatherings and joint parties, please make a reservation by phone after looking at the surrounding map with access information.

Those who want to learn beer are welcome to those who wish to be independent.

There are no other shops in Osaka that are so particular about beer and have a good selection.
If you want to learn about beer, this is the perfect environment!
Of course, people who like beer but have no knowledge ... are welcome!
You can learn about cooking in a small shop, so it's perfect for those who want to have an independent shop in the future!
Please be assured that there are actually two independent achievements so far.
You can work while taking care of your private life, such as taking a break or not working during the day, so feel free to contact us!

We look forward to customers seeking delicious sake and dishes

Access information for stores operating late night

For those who are looking for a shop where they can easily drop by on the way home from work, those who are considering using it at girls-only gatherings and joint-use parties, etc. will be able to use satisfactory services. We have a wide variety of meal menus. In particular, we are confident in the selection of beer and have beers from 60 countries around the world. In addition, many customers are satisfied that they can enjoy the popular “Yona Yona Ale” and “Tokyo Real Black Ale” live.
A variety of menus are available for both Japanese and Western meals, ranging from a light menu that can be enjoyed as a snack for sake to a large menu that is ideal for dinner. You can also enjoy "Kaga Bishou Karaage", which won the gold prize at the Karaage Grand Prix, so it's perfect for those who want to use a restaurant with high quality food. Courses and all-you-can-drink menus are also available so that those who are considering using groups or groups such as women's associations and parties can enjoy satisfactory services. If you are looking for a shop that can be used for various purposes, please feel free to drop in.

The dining bar is a 5-minute walk from Umeda Station and boasts a high profile. Whether you're a craft beer lover or a person who wants to enjoy a meal, regardless of age or nationality, stores where customers with various needs gathered were introduced on TV. Unlike the atmosphere of a bar with a high threshold, stores that are particular about creating a cozy space are fully smoked so that even children with children can enjoy it with peace of mind. There are tables and counters for seats, and there is a diner space. Some people spend their time with their well-known friends, while others such as women's associations and joint parties are busy with a large number of people.
Craft beer is characterized by its wide range of tastes, whether it's a beer or a bite, with a strong bitterness or fruity taste. The store collects craft beers produced around the world and offers them in a more delicious way to find your favorite taste. Many customers enjoy the taste of craft beer while enjoying the deep-fried Karaage Grand Prix. If you are interested, see the map of Umeda's dining bar and the surrounding area.