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Umeda's dining bar was featured on TV when it tasted delicious craft beer. Since it is possible to make online reservations, you can feel free to come to the store and receive beer reviews when you can enjoy beer from all over the world.
It is ideal for use by friends as well as for gatherings and excitement, such as girls' associations and joint parties. In the blog that the store sends, we will publish advantageous information for customers at any time, so please take a look if you are interested.


    Today I'd like to introduce Bock to the Future, which I opened a while ago. Box to the Future No, it's not a movie, it's a story about beer. The style ...
  • RIZIN trigger

    Osaka Umeda ALE HOUSE Kamiya, sports broadc...

    Football International friendly match March 25 (Sun) 19: 20 ~ Japan vs South Korea * The store will close at 21:00. World Cup Qualifying Second R...
  • ALE HOUSE Kamiya 13th

    ALE HOUSE Kamiya, 13th anniversary!

    ⚠️It's long but please read it⚠️ Thanks to all of you, Kamiya was able to celebrate its 13th anniversary. This is all thanks to everyone 🎉 We would like t...
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2023

    December 24th (Sunday) is M-1!

    This is ALE HOUSE Kamiya in Higashi Umeda, Osaka. M-1 Grand Prix will be broadcast! Is the comedian ``Ripe Melon Lycopene'' who wants to sprout this ye...


    good morning! This is Ale House Kamiya! Today is [THANKS GIVING DAY] In other words, it's Thanksgiving in America 🇺🇸! ! ! It's a special day to bit...
  • King of Conte 2023

    King of Conte 2023

    “King of Conte 2023” will be broadcast live! While adding an explanation, While eating rice, While drinking alcohol, While saying, Let's all w...
  • RIZIN.43

    RIZIN, Ioka, and Takeru on 6/24 (Sat.)!

    RIZIN.43 on the 3rd floor and Kazuto Ioka on the B1st floor. opening hours 3F 12:30~, B1F 17:00~ It's going to be. Ladies and gentlemen, ...
  • Keiji Mutoh

    2/21 (Tues) is Keiji Muto's retirement match.

    The day has finally come, 2/21 (Tue.) Keiji Mutoh retirement match Keiji Muto GRAND FINAL PRO-WRESTLING “LAST” LOVE ~HOLD OUT~ The game starts...
  • Today 2/3 Setsubun is India's blue demon ha...

    ⚠️ Urgent Notice ⚠️ February 3rd is Setsubun, right? Do you want to eat ehomaki? Kamiya does not have ehomaki rolls (Karaageyakamiya has them). Isn't...
  • Kamiya LINE official account

    30% off meal coupons are being distributed!

    This is ALE HOUSE Kamiya. Now, if you add a friend to your LINE official account, we will give you a "30% off meal coupon" that you can use at ALE HOUSE Kami...


    2nd Story TAP TAKE OVER The 2nd Story TAP TAKE OVER will be held on January 28th (Sat) at Kamiya on the 3rd floor. . . On the 28th, please make sure to save...
  • new japan wrestling

    2023.1.4 New Japan Pro Wrestling Tokyo Dome

    Tomorrow 1.4 New Japan Pro-Wrestling ~in Tokyo Dome~ will open B1F TAPROOM from 15:00. Let's have a blast with beer! 2 more games tomorrow IWGP U...
  • RIZIN.40

    12/31 is RIZIN.40

    Come on, 12/31 14:00 ~ is RIZIN.40! Let's watch together while drinking craft beer and eating delicious food at ALE HOUSE Kamiya! We may not be a...
  • K-1

    K-1 WORLD GP tomorrow 12/3 (Sat)

    The match itself will start at 14:30, but Kamiya will start broadcasting from 17:00 during its normal opening time.
  • To break through Group E! world cup japan v...

    Japan vs Spain 12/1 28:00 (4:00 next morning) Kick off Kamiya will be open until the end of the game! Just change a little bit of normal and business...
  • 2022, World Cup on air!

    ALE HOUSE Kamiya is broadcasting the World Cup. Of course, we play matches against other countries as much as possible. November 23 (Wednesday) 22:00- ...
  • Historic X-over

    Today 11/20 is "Historic X-over ~New Japan ...

    ⚠️ Emergency breaking news!! ︎ From 17:00 on 11/20 (Sun.), "Historic X-over ~New Japan Pro-Wrestling x STARDOM Joint Performance~" will be broadcast! ! ...
  • Kenshiro Kyoguchi

    Today is Kenshiro vs Hiroto Kyoguchi!

    Today 11/1 (Tuesday) WBC, WBA world light flyweight title unification match Kenshiro Teraji (WBC World Light Flyweight Champion) vs Hiroto Kyoguchi (...
  • 2022/10/14
    This is a little disappointing news. I'm Funai, who operates the 3rd floor DINER, but I've been sick with Corona since Sunday and will be closed until Mo...
  • Tomorrow is Super RIZIN, RIZIN.38!

    I'm doing it, as usual! From 12:00 until the end! Enjoy with a beer in hand.
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Shops where you can taste craft beers from around the world are open 5 minutes on foot from the station. The store is open all year round and is open until midnight so that it can be used by both men and women of all ages. Everyone from children to foreigners is welcome, so if you want to enjoy craft beer, please come to the store.
It was introduced on TV from the voice of customers who enjoyed a high reputation and enjoyed in the store. The all-you-can-drink course, where you can taste craft beer without hesitation, and the all-you-can-eat course that offers à la carte salad and boasting deep-fried chicken are perfect for a party scene such as a secondary wedding venue. It is possible to rent out the inside of the store, and if you can enjoy it without worrying about other customers, you will be able to enjoy it. The blog contains information about the store and information about the menu, so please check it out.