This is very unfortunate news.

2022/08/28 blog
Yona Yona Real Ale

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I have to make a very sad announcement today. Since its opening on April 1, 2011, the production of "Yona Yona Real Ale", which has grown together with ALE HOUSE Kamiya and has been the number one shipment in Japan every year, will end at the end of September. . Speaking of Kamiya, Yona Yona Real. Speaking of Yona Yona Real, Kamiya. It's not an exaggeration to say that Kamiya has been so supportive, and I think there are countless connections that have been made because of this beer. Originally few real ale permanent stores. Due to the influence of corona, it is now an endangered species, and I hear that Yo-Ho Brewing made this decision with a broken heart. But don't just grieve. I would like to say goodbye to this precious beer that has been indebted to me with the utmost gratitude. As ever, all the staff will do their best to provide the best Yona Yona Real Ale in the best conditions. We hope to have a farewell party in early October, so we will announce it on SNS etc. If possible, I would like everyone to enjoy Yona Yona Real Ale to their heart's content until it is sold out! It's been a long time, but for now, why don't you drink Yona Yona Real Ale 🍺

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A man who has been at Kamiya for 6 years and at university for 8 years, will finally be graduating this month!! ️
To commemorate this, Tanijima set up a place for everyone to celebrate on 8/27 (Sat) and 8/28 (Sun) at ALE HOUSE Kamiya!! ️
We are waiting for a lot of congratulations and alcohol!! ️
If you can't make it on the day, please rest assured that I will be working on 8/30.8/31 😘
We are looking forward to your visit 🙇🏻‍♂️