December 24th (Sunday) is M-1!

2023/12/19 blog
M-1 Grand Prix 2023

This is ALE HOUSE Kamiya in Higashi Umeda, Osaka.

M-1 Grand Prix will be broadcast!

Is the comedian ``Ripe Melon Lycopene'' who wants to sprout this year giving an explanation? game? introspection? We will be doing live viewing while doing so.


Ripe melon lycopene (M-1 2023 3rd round participation)

Private Hiraguchi @ryodoon1122

Umesuisho @ureuri12


Do you have beer, craft beer, or whiskey in hand and explain what you like to each other? game? Let's watch it included! This is a meeting. Is it new? Isn't it new? Is it fun? Isn't it fun? Come and try it!