ALE HOUSE Kamiya, 13th anniversary!

2024/04/02 blog
ALE HOUSE Kamiya 13th

⚠️It's long but please read it⚠️

Thanks to all of you, Kamiya was able to celebrate its 13th anniversary. This is all thanks to everyone 🎉 We would like to express our gratitude from all the staff 😊

It's an annual anniversary event, but this year is probably the most outrageous.

that name as well

“Mero Mero♡Kamiya, 13th anniversary of collaboration with Realize, the amusement park that never sleeps”

What are you saying? But first of all, the annual original beer🍺The name is also

“Meromero♡Strawberry Milk”

is. Completely produced by new adult Yuka Endo. The milkshake sour IPA with strawberries looks nice and has a cute pink girlfriend feel ❤️

And in collaboration with the concept cafe "Sleepless Amusement Park Realize" on the 5th floor of the same building as Kamiya, cute maids will work at Kamiya💝

Owner “Hi-chan” and former staff Ishi◯kawa’s favorite “Urume-chan” will be participating in the race🕺

What will happen to the chemical reaction between the manly Kamiya and the mellow girl? This is what I'm saying, but I, the store manager, don't understand Takebu the most lol.

I'm looking forward to seeing if it's going to be weird or if they'll explode with great chemistry 😁

There's also a one-year aged version of the original beer that caused controversy last year🌞I'm really looking forward to this😁

There is no doubt that this year you will enjoy an atmosphere unlike any other! We are looking forward to your visit 👍

Saturday, April 6th
Sunday, April 7th


*Realize collaboration time is 19:00-2:00 on the 6th and 0:00-5:00 on the 7th.

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