A dinner bar in Umeda is a popular restaurant for dinner

ALE HOUSE Kamiya, one of Umeda's most famous dining bars, welcomes foreigners as well as children so that customers of various environments can visit. Because the inside of the store is divided, it is safe for those who are not good at smoking.
If you don't care about other customers and want to make a lot of excitement, we also offer a chartered business. There are many people who are chosen at the second party of the wedding, and have a good time with craft beer and specialty dishes. Customers who make reservations have priority in using the service, so please feel free to call us.

The dining bar is the most popular around Umeda

From those who like liquor to those who are usually not familiar, the stores that are used by customers of a wide range of ages and nationalities are proud of being the No. 1 store in the region. Stores that are reputed to be easy to visit have built a high profile and were introduced on TV. In recent years, the demand for craft beer has increased as beer festivals have been held throughout Japan. The store handles craft beers from all over the world, so customers who don't like beer, such as those who are not good at beer bitterness or can't find their own taste, can find the type they like.
The food menu that complements craft beer is also substantial, and many customers order especially when fried chicken has a juicy taste. All staff members are dedicated to serving customers in order to make the time to enjoy delicious beer and meals more enjoyable. The store is open near the station, so please take a look.

Choose a dining bar for a party in Umeda

If you are looking for a venue for a wedding party or a joint party, please select a bar located a 5-minute walk from the nearest station. Stores that handle a wide variety of craft beers are very popular when you try to create a homely atmosphere, and don't be afraid of everyone, and you can feel free to talk with your friends. Customers who want to enjoy cooking and liquor without hesitation are prepared with all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink options, and you can also choose an all-you-can-drink course where you can taste craft beer.
Private parties are also available for large parties. The inside of the store was completely smoked, and we received a voice of joy when customers with children could enjoy cooking with peace of mind. Regardless of gender or nationality, all customers who visit our store are open sincerely so that we can provide a detailed service so that customers can enjoy the menu with peace of mind.

The dining bar in Umeda is full of delicious beer

As a dining bar near Umeda Station, ALE HOUSE Kamiya, which is visited by many customers every day, handles craft beers from around the world. Among them, Yona Yona Ale boasts the highest consumption in Japan and is very popular with beer enthusiasts as it offers traditional beers with a refreshing taste. It was introduced in the media because of the wide variety of beers that it handles and the quality of its food menu.
The bar that handles liquor has a high image, but the store is trying to create a cozy atmosphere so everyone can easily enjoy craft beer. Smoke completely smoked for customers with children, and foreigners are welcome to use. This is a place where a wide range of customers, regardless of gender or nationality, can relax. If you are interested in menus and services, please feel free to visit them.

Enjoy craft beer at Umeda's dining bar

If you like or are interested in craft beer, please visit the nearest store from the station. The store that is proud of the No. 1 store in the region and introduced on TV handles craft beers from around the world. Craft beer, which has a variety of flavors depending on the type, including bitterness, sweetness and sourness, has attracted attention from a wide range of ages. In particular, the store has the highest consumption of Yonayona Ale in Japan, and it has been well received by beer enthusiasts for being able to offer fruity and traditional beer more deliciously.
If you are unsure of the type you want, the staff will give you the taste characteristics. Even customers who are not familiar with craft beer usually find the kind they like at the store and get caught. We will serve you delicious craft beer 24/7, so please feel free to visit.


Enjoy the world's beer at Umeda's dining bar

A bright atmosphere perfect for banquets and parties

Umeda's dining bar, ALE HOUSE Kamiya, has a wide selection of beers not only in Japan but also around the world, and is well received by beer lovers. Course menus and all-you-can-drink menus are enriched, so you can easily use them at groups such as girls' associations, joint parties, and parties.
The seats on the 1st basement floor have a bar-like atmosphere where you can drink casually, and the seats on the 3rd floor are mainly table seats, so you can relax and enjoy your meal. You can choose. It's popular that you can use it in a bright atmosphere.