Please choose a reputable store in Umeda if it is a dining bar

The dining bar near Umeda Station is crowded with beer lovers when you can enjoy craft beer from all over the world. Yona Yona Ale is the number one in Japan, and is proud to be able to serve fruity and traditional beer more deliciously.
There are tables, counters, and even diner seats, so you can enjoy the way you use them. If you want to enjoy the taste of craft beer with your friends, please use it.

Enjoy craft beer at Umeda's dining bar

If you like or are interested in craft beer, please visit the nearest store from the station. The store that is proud of the No. 1 store in the region and introduced on TV handles craft beers from around the world. Craft beer, which has a variety of flavors depending on the type, including bitterness, sweetness and sourness, has attracted attention from a wide range of ages. In particular, the store has the highest consumption of Yonayona Ale in Japan, and it has been well received by beer enthusiasts for being able to offer fruity and traditional beer more deliciously.
If you are unsure of the type you want, the staff will give you the taste characteristics. Even customers who are not familiar with craft beer usually find the kind they like at the store and get caught. We will serve you delicious craft beer 24/7, so please feel free to visit.

Why don't you hold a girls' party at the recommended dining bar in Umeda?

There are various shops around the station, and if you want to have a unique girls' association, please use the bar where you can enjoy craft beers from all over the world. Customers who are told that the bar has a high image of the threshold are popular, as stores that try to create a cozy atmosphere are easy to visit and have a relaxing time.
In addition to alcohol, a delicious food menu is indispensable for various parties, including the girls' association. The restaurant offers a menu that satisfies the taste of craft beer and is satisfactory. Karaage is especially popular because it has won a gold medal at the 8th Raising Grand Prix. The smoke-divided space can be used with peace of mind by children and has been chosen by customers of a wide range of ages. When using, you can also make a reservation from the Internet, so please make a reservation and go to the nearest store from the station.

Dining bar in Umeda is recommended for banquets and parties

If you are looking for a dining bar in Umeda, ALE HOUSE Kamiya will welcome you with delicious beer and food. Of course, there are many customers who choose not only small groups but also many banquets and party venues. The inside of the store can also be operated as a charter, and it can be used by more than 30 people with standing meals, so it can respond flexibly to customer needs.
In addition to Japan's best-selling Yona Yona Ale, you can enjoy craft beer from all over the world, and the food menu is also very popular, and the deep-fried Karaage Grand Prix is well-received because it goes well with beer. All-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat courses were also prepared, and we received many voices of joy when we were able to spend a pleasant time while enjoying the food without worry. This store is ideal for a variety of events, from the wedding party to the joint party, so please use it if you are interested.

The dining bar can be used in about 5 minutes on foot from Umeda Station on each line

If you are looking for a dining bar near Umeda Station, please use ALE HOUSE Kamiya, which is located in the middle of the shopping district, about a 5-minute walk from each station. As it has been introduced on TV, it is well-known and has the best track record in the region, so you can have a satisfying time for both those who want to enjoy alcohol and those who want to enjoy a meal. You can.
Because the access is good at the station Chika, it can be used with peace of mind even for women who are worried about walking at night at night. It is also ideal for those who are looking for a restaurant where they can stay until morning, such as those who missed the last train because they are open until 5am. It is well received by customers because it is open 24 hours a day, so please check the access information if you are considering using it.


Enjoy the world's beer at Umeda's dining bar

A bright atmosphere perfect for banquets and parties

Umeda's dining bar, ALE HOUSE Kamiya, has a wide selection of beers not only in Japan but also around the world, and is well received by beer lovers. Course menus and all-you-can-drink menus are enriched, so you can easily use them at groups such as girls' associations, joint parties, and parties.
The seats on the 1st basement floor have a bar-like atmosphere where you can drink casually, and the seats on the 3rd floor are mainly table seats, so you can relax and enjoy your meal. You can choose. It's popular that you can use it in a bright atmosphere.


Open at about 5 minutes walk from each station


Store name


Street address

Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kita-ku Doyamacho 2-10 K1 Building B1F

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 5:00

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If you are looking for a dining bar around Umeda Station, please use ALE HOUSE Kamiya, a 5-minute walk from the station. Craft beers ordered from around the world and our deep-fried chicken are popular among customers. As it is ideal as a place for girls-only gatherings and joint parties, please make a reservation by phone after looking at the surrounding map with access information.