You can enjoy deep-fried Karaage Grand Prix Gold Prize


ALE HOUSE Kamiya, a dining bar in Umeda, offers a wide variety of meal menus as a delicious restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of food menus, such as the deep-fried Karaage Grand Prix, which is famous for its deep-fried food.
There is a wide variety of food menus available for both Japanese and Western foods, so if you are considering using the store and want to know more about food menus, please check the menu.

The restaurant offers a variety of menus, both Japanese and Western, so that customers can enjoy delicious meals. In particular, the famous “Kaga Bishou Karaage” is a confident work that has won a gold medal in the Karaage Grand Prix. We have received your voice.
We have a wide range of items, from a one-item menu that is ideal for snacks to a volumey menu that can be used instead of dinner. In addition, as an all-you-can-eat plan that is convenient for group use, we also have plans to enjoy special dishes such as deep-fried food, so if you are considering using the shop, you can enjoy the food menu If you want to know more about, please check the menu.